Purchases, cancellations and refunds

We accept payment by Bank tranfer/USDT. We reserve the right to modify payment methods at our discretion and may choose to add or discontinue certain methods at any time. We are not responsible for any payments to incorrect parties (including but not limited to any entities that imitate us) or incorrect payment amounts. We reserve the right to discontinue or modify our current payment methods or service prices at any time for any reason. Cancellation of the service is at the user's discretion, except for account termination or ban due to misuse of the service. If you experience any problems or issues with the services provided, please notify us in writing with a detailed description of the problem. We reserve the right to refuse refunds for any reason, including but not limited to abuse of our services or violation of these Terms. Additional purchases and payments If you make an additional payment through your DailyOTP account or use a credit/debit/prepaid/gift card with a previous payment on DailyOTP. By doing so, you expressly waive any right to file a claim, request a chargeback or otherwise raise a dispute regarding purchases made before your most recent transaction.